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Coyote Fencing

When you have children, relatives, animals, and gorgeous landscaping to worry about, the presence of coyotes can pose a risk to the safety of the people and property you love. The best way to keep coyotes from jumping over your fence is to invest in fencing solutions explicitly designed to keep wild canines from entering your yard and other protected areas.

Coyote Roller Guard

Roller guards spin freely when an animal attempts to scale the fence, causing it to lose its grip and fall back to the ground. This makes coyote roller guards an ethical wildlife management practice, allowing you to effectively stave off wildlife intrusions without the concern of harming animals.

Coyote Rollers

Coyote roller guards are effective tools engineered to safeguard residential properties, gardens, and livestock enclosures from coyotes and other wildlife intrusion. These devices feature cylindrical rollers securely mounted along the top of fences, strategically employing the principles of physics for maximum effectiveness.

Snake Fencing

The Wildlife Specialist understands the dangers property owners face when hazardous snakes enter their property. Our seasoned snake fence installers help solve this problem by designing and implementing humane snake deterrent fencing systems that minimize the chances of an unwanted encounter in a protected space.

Wildlife Protection Property Management

Our residential and commercial wildlife control services are tailored to homeowners, farmers, and rural property owners who seek to protect their dwellings and outdoor spaces from wildlife encounters.

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