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Coyote Fencing

Are you looking to install coyote fencing on your property to keep out these hazardous animals? Rely on the exceptional coyote control solutions provided by The Wildlife Specialist.

Serving our community since 2009, we’re the wildlife control and property management professionals who cost-effectively fortify properties and humanely address the problem of invasive coyotes. With a full suite of fencing and coyote roller guard solutions at our disposal, we keep your property and its occupants safe from these dangerous animals without harming any wildlife.

Call (760) 496-9166 for more information on installation rates, availabilities, and types of coyote deterrence we offer.

The Wildlife Specialist’s Full Suite of Coyote Fence Solutions

Coyote fences are the best way to keep unwelcome coyotes away from your residence. They can be tailored to your surroundings with ease, providing a long-term to keep these unwanted animals out.

Do you have stylistic preferences for coyote fencing? Do you have unique security concerns? When you work with our celebrated wildlife control team, you’re free to choose from several coyote fencing options.

Whatever the case, we’re confident you’ll find the security solutions you need by choosing any of the following available options:

Traditional Chain-Link Coyote Fences

Traditional chain-link coyote fences provide a cost-effective and practical option for property owners seeking reliable coyote deterrence. Composed of interlocking metal links, these fences offer durability and visibility, allowing you to monitor wildlife activity while maintaining a secure perimeter.

With customizable options to fit any property size or layout, our chain-link coyote fences are suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Minimal maintenance requirements and weather resistance ensure long-lasting protection for your property without compromising on quality or effectiveness.

Coyote Roller Guards

Coyote roller guards offer an innovative and highly effective solution for deterring coyotes from accessing your property. Consisting of spinning metal rollers mounted along the top of existing fences, these guards create a smooth and slippery barrier that prevents coyotes from gaining traction and climbing over.

PVC-Coated Wire Mesh Coyote Fences

PVC-coated wire mesh coyote fences combine the strength and durability of metal with the added protection of PVC coating. These fence types feature a sturdy wire mesh design that effectively prevents coyotes from breaching your property boundaries. The PVC coating adds an extra layer of defense against:

  • Rust
  • Corrosion
  • Weather damage

Reap the Benefits of Coyote Roller Guards and Fencing

Working with our animal control company ensures you reap all the promised benefits of coyote roller guards. You won’t have to worry about unsightly fencing, easily avoidable security breaches, or costly repair issues. We install fences and roller guards with longevity, long-term affordability, and durability in mind.

Other benefits include:

  • Minimal visual impact on the overall appearance of your property
  • Elimination of potential injury risks associated with sharp fencing materials
  • Reduction in noise disturbance caused by animals attempting to breach fences

Learn More About Our Coyote Fencing Services

Contact us at (760) 496-9166 today to learn more about our coyote fencing services and how we can help you achieve peace of mind.

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