Wildlife Protection Property Management in Encinitas

The Wildlife Specialist’s wildlife protection property management solutions are all about fostering harmonious relationships between humans and wild species, including coyotes, snakes, and rodents. We help you keep these predators from having negative interactions with your pets, loved ones, and livestock with proven fencing systems specially designed to deter wildlife intrusions in protected areas.

Our snake fence and coyote roller installers are seasoned industry experts who understand wildlife behavior. We ensure your fence installation is built with sturdy materials that are effective without causing harm to any animals. Reach our team at (760) 496-9166 to schedule a wildlife management consultation.

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How Do You Keep Snakes and Coyotes Away From Your Backyard?

Wildlife protection barriers are a safe and humane way to stop snakes and coyotes from entering your backyard or any other part of your property you wish to protect. These fencing systems employ a specialized design, like underground barriers and coyote rollers, that makes it challenging for wild animals and reptiles to find a way over or under your fencing system.

The Wildlife Specialist’s Wildlife Protection and Property Management Services

Use The Wildlife Specialist’s intuitive wildlife protection and property management services to prevent coyotes, rattlesnakes, gopher snakes, and rodents from intruding on your property. Our wildlife exclusion techniques help you keep dangerous animals away without causing any harm to your local ecosystem.

Our services include installing:

  • Coyote roller fencing
  • Snake barriers
  • Custom dog runs

Coyote Roller Fencing Systems

Whether you need a new fence built or you’d like to enhance an existing fencing system with the addition of coyote rollers, we’re here to help. Thanks to their unique design, coyote rollers work to create a barrier that prevents animals from entering your yard. These rollers start spinning when an animal tries to climb over your fence. This prevents the animal from getting a good foothold and accessing your space.

We mount coyote roller systems to a variety of fence types, including:

  • Wood
  • Chain-link
  • Vinyl
  • Metal
  • Composite
  • PVC
  • Wire Mesh
  • Concrete
  • Post and rail

Dog Fence Rollers

Create a custom dog run with coyote rollers to keep snakes and coyotes away from your beloved pets. In addition to reducing the chances of interactions with wildlife, a dog run topped with rollers will prevent your pet from escaping.

Snake Fencing

Snakes are excellent at burrowing and climbing. A thoughtfully designed fencing system will prevent them from finding their way onto your property and becoming a threat. Snake fences are made with strong, snake-resistant mesh materials with smooth, tractionless fence tops that make it difficult for snakes to establish the grip needed to complete the climb into your yard.

For burrowing snakes, setting your fencing system deep into the ground and reinforcing it with mesh along the bottom is the solution required to prevent snakes from getting under this barrier.

Call to Discuss Humane Wildlife Exclusion Solutions

The Wildlife Specialist supports property owners in Encinitas with tailored wildlife exclusion solutions that are humane, effective, and affordable. Connect with our team to learn more about the benefits of our fencing solutions. Call (760) 496-9166 today to book an appointment.