Wildlife Protection Property Management in Carmel Valley

If you're tired of pests in your yard but are concerned about wildlife protection, The Wildlife Specialist can help. We've developed an approach to property management that turns away unwanted animals without endangering them or causing undue harm.

Our team has worked with clients throughout Carmel Valley, providing honest assessments and creating personalized service plans to keep your yard free of snakes, coyotes, and other pests. We don't use harmful traps or methods and prioritize the safety of wildlife on all our projects. Call (760) 496-9166 to reach us today.

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What is Wildlife Protection Property Management?

Wildlife protection property management aims to balance your interests and preserve the habitat and safety of local species. Many pests and wildlife incursions result from properties located in disappearing animal habitats, so the last thing we want to do is further jeopardize those animal populations through poison or lethal control methods.

At the same time, your property needs to be pest-free to keep you and your pets safe and to prevent structural damage to your home. To support environmentally conscious homeowners and local biodiversity, we've developed a humane approach to animal and wildlife control that prioritizes the well-being of all parties.

How Expensive Is Wildlife Protection Property Management?

Wildlife protection property management can vary in cost depending on the size of your yard, the materials used, and the nature of wildlife incursions. For instance, installing coyote rollers on top of your fence rather than building a brand new fence will save you significantly. However, investing in new, standalone structures will always have a higher price tag than supplementary solutions.

The Wildlife Specialist's Services

Here at The Wildlife Specialist, we've developed tools and techniques to protect your property from wild animals without harming them or further disrupting their habitat. Our approach to property management is designed to promote peaceful coexistence with animals and give you the peace of mind you deserve.

We specialize in the following:

  • Coyote fencing: We install fences to prevent coyotes from having free access to your yard. Our systems are over six feet tall and made of sturdy material to keep these predators at bay.
  • Coyote rollers: If you don't want a new fence, we can install rollers on top of an existing fence line to prevent coyotes and other animals from climbing.
  • Snake fencing: Our snake fencing systems are strategically designed and placed to prevent venomous species of snakes from crawling, climbing, or burrowing into your yard.
  • Custom dog runs: We build dog runs to allow your pets to be outside without being harmed by wild animals.

Humane Animal Control Solutions

Humane animal control solutions should always be a top priority when managing wildlife on private properties. We never resort to lethal methods; our approach is to use ethical techniques that prioritize your well-being, your pets' well-being, wild animals' well-being, and the local environment.

Coexist Peacefully Thanks to Our Wildlife Protection Property Management

If you need help protecting your property against wild animals in Carmel Valley, call the team at The Wildlife Specialist. We have a wide range of solutions designed to keep your property safe.

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