Snake Fencing in Encinitas

If you're concerned about snakes on your property, installing a barrier can be an effective solution. At The Wildlife Specialist, we offer swift, cost-effective snake fencing installations to protect you, your pets, and your property from unwanted incursions by snakes.

We've worked with numerous homeowners in Encinitas and have a thorough grasp of the types of snakes that are a nuisance to our community. We'll happily discuss the types of fences most effective against local species during a risk-free consultation. Call (760) 496-9166 to connect with our team and discuss your needs today.

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How Does Snake Fencing Work?

Snake fencing is a system that prevents snakes from entering a designated area, typically a backyard or garden. It uses tightly woven material with small openings that snakes cannot pass through, climb over, or dig underneath.

It creates a physical barrier that takes advantage of snakes' natural behaviors and limitations to restrict entry to your property. A snake fence typically has an above-ground portion around three feet tall, a wire or mesh material that rises the length of the fence and extends underground or bends outwards to prevent snakes from digging underneath it.

What are the Different Types of Snake Fencing?

Snake fencing creates a safety barrier around your yard and is available in various styles and materials. Each option has pros and cons but should effectively bar snakes from entering your property.

The most popular types of snake fencing include the following:

  • Galvanized steel wire mesh fences: This heavy-duty, rust-resistant mesh is highly durable and will keep your property free from snakes for years. It's more expensive than other options but is a top choice for local homeowners.
  • Aluminum wire mesh fences: Aluminum is a lightweight, sturdy, corrosion-resistant material that can flexibly conform to the shape of your property and fence line. It's not as strong as galvanized steel but still quite effective.
  • Treated wood fences: Treated wood is a less common material for snake fences, but it's much more affordable than metal fencing and ages beautifully. It's less effective than metal options and requires maintenance, but it's still viable for some properties.
  • Permanent vs temporary fencing: Snake fencing can be permanent or temporary, depending on your needs and the nature of your issues. Permanent fences offer long-term protection with higher upfront costs, and temporary systems are more affordable and low-maintenance but will wear down and won't keep your yard completely safe.

The Wildlife Specialist's Services

When you're having trouble keeping your backyard snake-free, The Wildlife Specialist can help.

Here's what we offer:

  • Property assessments
  • Snake fencing installations
  • Fencing maintenance and repairs
  • Wildlife protection property management
  • Custom dog runs
  • Personalized fencing systems

Discuss Your Property Needs With The Wildlife Specialist

If you're looking for a lasting solution to keep snakes out of your Encinitas yard, consider scheduling a consultation with The Wildlife Specialist. Our technicians have a proven track record of successful fence installations and go above and beyond to protect you and your pets from the harms of venomous snakes.

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