Coyote Roller Guard in Carmel Valley

Protecting your backyard from coyotes doesn't require lethal force or relocation methods; it can be as simple as installing metal tubes on the top of your fence. At The Wildlife Specialist, our roller guards are a basic yet effective tool for keeping coyotes and other animals out of your yard.

We've installed scores of devices in Carmel Valley, providing everything from new fencing systems to aluminum rollers that require minimal maintenance. Our team appreciates the need to balance wildlife control with wildlife protection, and we go above and beyond to secure your property. Call us at (760) 496-9166 to schedule a friendly consultation with our team.

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Are Coyote Roller Guards Humane?

Coyote roller guards are a humane solution for deterring coyotes and other wild animals from entering your property. Unlike electric fences or barbed wire, which can harm animals, our roller guards are a non-violent mechanism that denies coyotes the traction they need to climb over your fence.

Roller guards spin freely when an animal attempts to scale the fence, causing it to lose its grip and fall back to the ground. This makes coyote roller guards an ethical wildlife management practice, allowing you to effectively stave off wildlife intrusions without the concern of harming animals.

How Long Do Coyote Roller Installations Take?

Coyote roller guard installations are generally quick and straightforward, and assuming no complications, they can be completed swiftly. Roller guards can be installed on wood, wrought iron, and chain-link fences, so you won't have to install a new fence to accommodate the equipment.

Our installations typically take a matter of days and are incredibly low-maintenance, meaning once we mount the equipment, we won't need to service it in the future. With their practical design, coyote roller guards can be quickly integrated into your existing fence and provide a long-lasting deterrent against wildlife.

The Wildlife Specialist's Wildlife Management Services

As a homeowner with pets or a farmer who needs help protecting livestock, The Wildlife Specialist's coyote rollers are an effective option for managing wildlife. Our roller guards can deter climbers of different species and are a cost-effective solution for clients in Carmel Valley.

Here's what we offer:

  • Coyote roller guard installation
  • Coyote fence installation
  • Snake fence installation
  • Fence and property line assessments

Low-Maintenance Coyote Guards

One key advantage of coyote roller guards is their low-maintenance design, which ensures long-lasting performance with minimal upkeep. These guards are typically made from aluminum tubes, built to withstand harsh weather and resist corrosion.

The spinning mechanism of the rollers is self-lubricating, meaning it doesn't need to be treated or receive maintenance through the change of seasons. Once installed, roller guards can provide years of protection without requiring significant attention.

Protect Your Property With The Wildlife Specialist's Support

Coyotes can seriously threaten pets, livestock, and your peace of mind. Luckily, coyote roller guards help deter them and secure your property from unwanted intrusions. At The Wildlife Specialist, we go above and beyond to support your needs, and our roller guard installations are an excellent choice for keeping your yard safe.

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