Coyote Fencing in Rancho Santa Fe

When North American coyote populations find their way onto your Rancho Santa Fe property, The Wildlife Specialist is here to help with a full suite of customizable coyote fencing solutions. We understand how critical it is to keep these unwanted visitors from interacting with people, pets, and livestock. Our wildlife exclusion experts will help you create a long-lasting barrier that prevents these predators from accessing your property.

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How Do You Prevent Coyotes From Jumping Over Your Fence?

When you have children, relatives, animals, and gorgeous landscaping to worry about, the presence of coyotes can pose a risk to the safety of the people and property you love. The best way to keep coyotes from jumping over your fence is to invest in fencing solutions explicitly designed to keep wild canines from entering your yard and other protected areas.

What Is a Coyote Fence and How Does It Work?

A coyote fence is a barrier to deter coyotes and other wildlife from accessing properties or specific areas. Typically constructed from sturdy materials like wood, metal, or composite materials, coyote fences are built to withstand the physical challenges posed by wildlife, including jumping and digging.

The design and effectiveness of a coyote fence can vary depending on factors like:

  • Fence height
  • Fence material
  • Additional deterrents or modifications

Coyote-resistant fencing creates a physical barrier that makes it difficult for coyotes to enter or exit an enclosed area. Certain modifications, including inward-leaning extensions and coyote rollers, enhance the effectiveness of a coyote fence by discouraging coyotes from attempting to breach the barrier.

How Do Coyote Rollers Work?

Coyote rollers are mounted along the top of a fence line, with bearings allowing them to spin freely. When a coyote attempts to jump or climb over your fence, it applies force against the rollers, causing them to start spinning in response to this force.

As the rollers spin, they create a dynamic and unstable surface that makes it challenging for the coyote to gain traction and maintain its balance. The smooth, spinning motion of the rollers leverages the coyote’s momentum against it, effectively preventing it from clearing your fence barrier. This innovative design provides a humane and non-lethal solution to wildlife control, promoting coexistence between humans and coyotes while safeguarding properties and pets from potential encounters.

The Wildlife Specialist’s Coyote Fencing Installation Services

In addition to providing coyote fencing installation services to keep wildlife out, we also design coyote fences that help you contain your pet within a designated enclosure.

Our fencing installation services cover:

  • Coyote fencing design
  • Coyote fence installation
  • Coyote fence repairs and maintenance
  • Coyote roller installations
  • Custom fencing solutions

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