Coyote Fencing in Encinitas

Coyotes pose a threat to household pets and can add stress and danger to your backyard. Luckily for homeowners in Encinitas, the team at The Wildlife Specialist has a solution. We offer coyote fencing services that secure the perimeter of your property and humanely keep these unwanted pests away.

In addition to threatening household pets, coyotes can jump up to 6 feet high and can sometimes carry diseases. Our team can help protect your backyard and give you peace of mind, knowing your property won't be impacted by coyotes. Call (760) 496-9166 to learn more about our services today.

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How Does Coyote Fencing Work?

Coyote fencing is a type of fence specially designed to keep coyotes out of an enclosed area. Coyote fences are higher than average systems, typically reaching around 8 feet to prevent them from jumping into your yard.

With a buried bottom portion or apron that extends outwards to prevent coyotes from digging underneath and options for electrifying your fence or adding rollers at the top, you can have confidence that not even the wiliest coyote will be able to breach your yard. Coyote fencing is most popular on farms and rural properties but is also available to homeowners concerned about their yards.

Is Coyote Fencing Humane?

Coyote fencing is generally considered a humane method of deterring coyotes from entering your property. Although coyote control is sometimes lethal, fencing (even electrified fences) is a deterrent and barrier rather than directly harming them.

Features like rolling tops and electrified fortification are meant to be psychologically aversive and increase the difficulty of entering a yard. They don't cause the animal physical harm beyond an initial shock. Coyote fences protect your property, pets, and interests without harming the animals and respecting a species trying to survive in a shrinking habitat.

The Wildlife Specialist's Coyote Fencing Solutions

When you need help keeping coyotes out of your yard in Encinitas, The Wildlife Specialist is just a phone call away. We offer exceptional fencing solutions designed to secure your property and provide you with security and comfort.

Here's what we offer:

  • Chain-link coyote fences
  • PVC-coated wire mesh coyote fences
  • Coyote roller guards on the top of fences
  • Custom coyote fence design

Are Coyote Fences Different Than Normal Fences?

Coyote fences differ from normal residential and agricultural fences in that they're significantly taller, have an apron or mesh skirt buried underground, and include anti-climbing features rarely found on most fences. Coyote fences are almost always made from heavy-duty material, like wire, poly mesh, or chain link, rather than wood or vinyl.

In general, coyote fences are stronger, more robust, and more durable than conventional fences. They can be electrified or not and help delineate property boundaries and divert coyotes from your yard rather than harming wildlife and scaring them off.

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